Hello! I'm Patrick

I'm a Senior / Staff Designer with over 10 years of experience with expertise in enterprise B2B design and design systems. 

An ink drawing of a man's face and shoulders. The man is bald and wearing glasses.

I recently built and deployed the largest update to the Clarity Design System in its 15 year history. I simultaneosly worked on a cross company initiative to develop accessibility recommendations for the FIDO Alliance. My toolkit includes running workshops, diagramming big ideas, user research, design critiques, and sketching (by hand). 


  • Staff Designer, Design Systems at VMWare
  • Principal Product Designer for Financials at Workday
  • Senior Designer at DesignMap



I'm a self taught botanist often working with the Friends of Sausal Creek, Homegrown Habitats and others. Botany is just design systems, for plants. 

I'm married to an amazing business owner and raising a child.