I’m Patrick. I’m a product designer with 10ish years of design experience in various roles. I’ve done visual design, web design, ux design, and occasionally user research. I’ve facilitated workshops, been embedded with scrum teams, and was once really good at writing html for emails.

I”m currently a Senior Product Designer at Workday.

If you’d like to see samples of my portfolio please contact me at patrick (at) patrick leahy design dot com or via LinkedIn.

Other things:
I wrote my first Medium post. It’s about dealing with pain.
I shared a story about defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory (sort of) at EUX2018.
I wrote a blog post about how I manage my time, which I take very seriously.
I tweet semi frequently.
I dribbble infrequently.
A long time ago I helped Bike Saviours get off the ground. I’m incredibly proud of it.