About Me

I’m an experienced Product Designer with over 5 years working on product and UX related problems. Though my sweet spot is UX I regularly do research and visual design. My previous experience as a web and e-commerce designer allows me to be comfortable around code.

In practice I scrupulously manage my time, projects, and design details. My ability to tightly organize my work means tight deadlines don’t phase me. I enjoy collaborating with stakeholders and team members be they other designers, researchers, managers, or developers. It is always a priority to establish rapport and maintain good communication.

I’m currently a Senior Designer at DesignMap.

If you’d like to see samples of my portfolio please contact me at patrick (at) patrick leahy design dot com or via LinkedIn.

I’m a grateful husband and father. When I’m not working I’m probably (hopefully?) doing something like this:

Other things:
I shared a story about defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory (sort of) at EUX2018.
I wrote a blog post about how I manage my time, which I take very seriously.
I tweet semi frequently.
I dribbble infrequently.
A long time ago I helped Bike Saviours get off the ground and I am still incredibly proud of it.