Hello! I'm Patrick

I'm a Senior Designer with over 10 years of experience with expertise in enterprise B2B design and design systems. 

I recently built and deployed the largest update to the Clarity Design System in its 15 year history. I simultaneosly worked on a cross company initiative to develop accessibility recommendations for the FIDO Alliance. My toolkit includes running workshops, diagramming big ideas, user research, design critiques, and sketching (by hand).

I am particularly interested in roles that serve the public and social good. I'm neurodivergent and non-binary with a long history of volunteering. This perspective drives my desire to work on projects with societal benefit. 


  • Staff Designer, Design Systems at VMWare
  • Principal Product Designer for Financials at Workday
  • Senior Designer at DesignMap

When I'm not here I'm a self taught botanist often working with the Friends of Sausal Creek, Homegrown Habitats and others. I'm married to an amazing business owner and raising a child.